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A very accurate depiction of a cat owner.


Brett Dalton + Iain de Caestecker

"From the very beginning in the pilot, we just hit it off. He’s literally my best friend. […] From the very moment [De Caestecker and I] met each other in pilot, it was like, OK, this is good."     -Brett Dalton


whenever someone tells me “it’s your fault i ship this” my heart swells with pride and purpose


Natasha Lyonne is on a roll right now.

Happy 27th Birthday Elizabeth Henstridge! (September 11, 1987)

CollegeHumor explains Net Neutrality »



I’m Adam.

-And I’m Emily.

We make “funny videos” on the Internet.

-But soon, we might not be able to.

That’s because…


…net neutrality is in jeopardy. Net Neutrality is the principle that says ISPs can’t discriminate between different types of traffic.

That means that…


…whether you’re a bedroom music producer, a couple on an amateur porn site, or just someone with a start up idea - you get access to the same users as Netflix, Facebook or Amazon. On the Internet, anyone can succeed.




…America’s ISPs wanna set up a pay-for-play system where rich companies pay extra to get to those users first.

If this happens…


…instead of a wonderful playground if innovation that it is now, the Internet will become like cable TV where you can only get stuff that’s been pre-approved by a bunch of old rich guys.

Ten years from now…


…your Internet bill could be a bigger “fustercluck” than your cable bill.

Now, you might be thinking…


…isn’t the government supposed to protect me from fragrant doucheholery like this?



…the former chairman of the FCC (government agency that’s SUPPOSED to protect you) is now the cable industry’s head lobbyist. And another former cable industry lobbyist is now the CURRENT head of the FCC.



…we can’t trust the FCC to make the right decision on their own. That’s why WE need to protect the Internet we love. The chaotic, AWESOME, often quite weird, place where literally everyone’s voice can be heard.

In a few months…


…the FCC will approve this festering soal of proposal unless we speak up. The Internet is one of the few places where human voices speak louder than money. So while that’s still the case, let’s use those voices. Go to DEARFCC.ORG and tell them to protect Net Neutrality. Thanks for doing your part to protect the Internet.


Contact FCC at https://dearfcc.org/

IF DEARFCC.ORG IS DOWN, simply go to good oldhttp://www.savetheinternet.com/

All GIFS are courtesy of our new friend, RANDY!


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BREAKING: Ferguson announces changes to municipal court system, addition of police review board : News »






FERGUSON • The city of Ferguson plans to make changes designed to reduce court fine revenue, reform court procedures, and start a Citizen Review Board that will help keep an eye on and guide the Ferguson police department, the city council announced today.

They will also partner with Dellwood and St. Louis County to get funding for the West Florissant Great Streets Project.

“The overall goal of these changes is to improve trust within the community and increase transparency, particularly within Ferguson’s courts and police department,” council member Mark Byrne said in a statement. “We want to demonstrate to residents that we take their concerns extremely seriously. That’s why we’re initiating new changes within our local police force and in our courts.”

While the city is making these changes, they will hold ward meetings to get input from community members and anyone else who has ideas.

The next city council meeting is Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Greater Grace Church, 3690 Pershall Road.

The Citizen Review Board, which will work with the police department, will include those not involved in local government. The board will work with city administrators and the police chief in reviewing how the police department operates in order to help improve it.

On Tuesday, the council will introduce an ordinance that ensures court fine revenue stays at or below 15 percent of the city’s total revenue, and that extra revenue is used for special community projects instead of general revenue uses. Council members hope that this change “sends a clear message that the fines imposed as punishment in the municipal court are not to be viewed as a source of revenue for the city.” They hope this change will encourage the municipal judge and prosecutor to use alternative sentencing methods, like community service, as punishment. Another new ordinance will repeal the separate offense of “failure to appear” in municipal court. Defendants who don’t show up will no longer be fined for failing to appear.

The City Council will also introduce an ordinance to take away fees which might affect poor people more than others. They’d like to abolish the $25 administrative fee that goes along with towing costs; the city will now pay for that. The council will also take away a $50 warrant recall fee and a $15 notification fee that goes along with a case where a defendant has failed to appear.

The municipal judge has also established a special docket for defendants who are having problems making monthly payments on outstanding fines. This docket will allow those people another chance to talk to the judge or prosecutor to possibly modify a payment plan or seek alternative sentencing. The judge also established a warrant recall program which will run from Sept. 15-Oct. 15. Defendants with outstanding warrants are asked to call the court clerk to get information about having an existing warrant recalled.

The Great Streets Project means that the city will seek federal and state highway funds and other sources to improve the entire corridor of West Florissant.

The announced changes come in the wake of general demands to improve operations in police departments and municipal courts. Last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced a Justice Department investigation of Ferguson’s use of force, searches, arrests, and “revenue raising on the basis of traffic stops.”

Also, the ArchCity Defenders, a legal charity for low-income citizens, joined a group from St. Louis University law school in a letter calling for changes to a Missouri Supreme Court rule that would let municipal courts go easier on the poor.

The shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, on Aug. 9 by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson triggered huge protests and clashes with police, which reflected long-standing racial divide in the region.

but are the arresting darren wilson or nah

^^^^^^^^^^THIS. And are they firing that lying police chief or what?

Darren Wilson still on paid vacay or nah?

^THIS. Michael Brown’s family, the town of Ferguson, MO, and the entire country of America and the world needs answers to those questions, including this important question…

Will Michael Brown’s family get justice?

Who Thought Budapest Was a Good Idea Anyway?
an aos-bigbang fic

Author: telaryn
Artist: cobaltsiren

In the chaos following the fall of SHIELD, HYDRA makes a move to bring Clint Barton in from the field - believing he can help them crack the secrets of an Infinity Gem. At the same time, newly-appointed SHIELD Director Coulson is attempting to consolidate his available resources. Priority one is bringing his two best assets in and briefing them on his status before they find out from somebody else.

When he learns of Clint’s situation, Phil takes his team down into Barton and Romanoff’s past, to a city none of them thought they’d see again.

Read it HERE
Accompanying mix {HERE}

MY ONLY COVER WAS A CON: Fanmix for Agents of Shield Big Bang fic “Who Thought Budapest Was a Good Idea Anyway? by telaryn. Dark indie/alt/electro super-spy soundtrack.


felicity smoak: a summary




story about a dude that rejected by a hot girl and the movie shows him trying to win her over and at the end it turns out the hot girl is a lesbian and she had a crush on this chubby girl the dude totally rudely rejected earlier and the two super cute girls smooch and the dude cries and no one gives a shit

this is exactly how scott pilgram should have ended.

Also would have established Ramona as full bisexual instead of the cringeworthy “bicurious” line.